We all know there is something magical about Music: the song, the lyrics including the beats. Just by listening to a rhythm, we get blended with it so much that it drives us to another world. Every lyric has a meaning and we can easily relate it to whether it is the emotion of love, sorrow, partition, or beginning of a new relation. We even get motivated in our gyms just by listening to some motivational beats.
Apart from these emotions, there is one more emotion that can’t be penned down on paper but rather just felt by a person with a pure heart and soul: Patriotism. We all love our Country, right but ever wondered why is it ironic when we listen to Patriotic songs and want to sing them out loud but rather just murmur the beats and lyrics to ourselves. When paying heed to the lyrics, we can Actually feel every emotion but somewhere have a fear of depicting it in our normal lives. I am pretty sure that it has happened to you guys as well, that whenever you listen to some bad shit about your country, you get angry and sometimes feel like punching that person. I even know that those goosebumps are real whenever we listen to some super enthusiastic or patriotic song about our nation. But does this mean we are patriotic?
This 72nd Independence Day, Jugni Band has come up with their new video called FAUJI.

At least just take a moment and address the respect to our soldiers our Indian army for whatever they have done for us. The life of a Soldier is not easy at all. The things that are really tough for us like living in -20 degrees, is probably their daily routine. This video has given us a gist of how they live. In the end, all we have is more respect for them.

The JUGNI BAND is quite famous for their amazing fusion of Sufi & Rock music. These people are super talented. If you guys have seen the movie LUCKNOW CENTRAL, there was a dialogue in that movie “Band banane ke liye tun-tune baaje na lagte hai … bande lagte hai ji, joh ek dhun gaa sake” (You don’t need musical instruments to form a band … you need people who can sing in a common tune). Just like that, Jugni band was formed in 2014 when two childhood friends came together, Rohit Bhatt (Lead Vocalist, If you remember him from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016 he was one of the strongest contestants)  and Sagar Chawla (Lead Guitarist) lead on the track of making their dream Band by gradually adding other members on their journey: Vimal Verma (Bassist), Rohit Chawla (Percussionist), Kushagra Nautiyal (Guitarist) and Tarit Bose (Drummer). From Singing in Bars & Restaurant to singing at International level in Malaysia, they have made our country proud.
It is these minute stories and actions that lead to patriotism. It’s not about what we think we can do, but what about the doings that can change the mindset of others. Next time feel proud to sing out loud, cause we owe our Nation much more than we can payback and by singing out loud, doing small things and respecting the Armed forces, we can at least start off with the payback.
Remember Heroes are not born heroes but are made the cause of their actions!
Signing off!!
Ps: Special thanks to my friend Pulkit for helping me writing this blog.
Until then,
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